Norway Visa

Norway Visa

Some people do not require a visa in order to visit Norway because these people hold a passport through a country that Norway has a visa exemption agreement with. This also applies if you have a house permit in an EU/EEA nation or if you have a specific passport.


A Schengen Visa can be granted to aspirants who are going to Norway for outdoor recreation such as tourism, company or family visits, and so on. once the purpose is to be able to return to the applicant’s country of home later on. Visa can be appropriate for a maximum associated with 3 months in the course of a period of 6 months. The visa can typically not be extended after an individual have entered the Schengen area.

Residence Visa with regard to Norway:

Now this visa type is mainly suitable for those people who are really looking with regard to stay in Norway or aimed to be resolved down along with stay of the longer period in contrast to its schengen visa.

Work Visa for Norway:

This particular type of visa is usually entitled for the persons who want to carry their operate Norway. Norway provides best environment in addition to solid for you to the aspirants. The Visa is generally given to those who else hold the skillful arts and this visa is only provided to them who have got the category of skill workers.

Study Visa Norway:

If you are aiming to study within Norway for any particular filed whose duration will be above three months, then certainly you need to acquire study permit. In circumstance you are from the region outside the EU/EEA and would like to study within Norway, you must make application for a new residence permit for study. This is usually called the study permit. You may make application for a new residence permit to overview at the university college or university, attend some school or perhaps college. You may furthermore make an application for a report permit in situation you are a qualified worker and definitely will study Norwegian or consider education for being acknowledged inside Norway.