Saudi Arabia Visa

Following are some different types of visas; choose the right one for you.

Saudi working visitor visa:

This visa allows the workers to work in Saudi Arabia for maximum of 180 days. To obtain this type of visa, the applicant needs a working visit visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This visa is best suitable when you are interested in jobs like airline pilots or oil industry workers.

Saudi Business Visa:

This visa is required when a person is interested in making tours for business discussions, meetings and training events. This visa allows the person to stay for 30 days, but you can also get multiple entry visa for long stay i.e. for 6 months.

Saudi work visa:

This visa allows you to stay for longer period of time in Saudi Arabia. It allows you to work full time in Saudi Arabia. You will be required to submit the medical report, contract of employment and attestation certificate of qualifications.

Saudi visit visa:

If you are interested to visit Saudi Arabia to meet your relatives or friends, then you will require this visit visa. This allows you to stay maximum of three months there.

Saudi visa application process:

Saudi visa application process is much simple process, but it can become complicated if you do not have a clear overview of what you need to do.

The Saudi visa application process passes through the following steps.

Step 1:

Get a Saudi visa invite from Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. Select the company in which you are interested to work. Send your passport details to that company. It is the responsibility of that company to visit and inform the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Saudi Chamber of Commerce and inform them about your visit. They in turn, would send the invitation to you via email.

Step 2:

Complete the following documents.

  • Passport.
  • Saudi Visa application form filled in capital letters.
  • Invitation or sponsor letter Medical certificate showing you medical history.
  • Police clearance certificate showing no criminal record of past 6 months.
  • Diplomas or other certificates showing your skills and ability level.

Step 3:

Visit Saudi Embassy along with these documents. After the short interview, the ambassador would provide you the visa for Saudi Arabia.